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The Aristopaws story was born out of a quest for beauty and stylish design. Portia and Pierre, a Tortie Persian and a Chinchilla Persian respectively, were the driving force behind Aristopaws and upon whom the logo was created. The name was derived from a little girl's love of the Aristocats.

Julia Bell, the founder of Aristopaws, is a mother of two and a lawyer with a passion for animals, fashion and elegance who wanted to amalgamate these three elements to showcase haute couture products dedicated to pampered pooches and finicky felines.

You will find here an exclusive and inspirational collection of the hottest designer dog clothes, exquisite luxury handmade beds and furniture together with bespoke diamond and Swarovski accessories from the world's leading designers for cats and dogs.

Aristopaws provides exceptional products for exceptional pets.

Exciting, stylish and yet functional pieces of art that will compliment your home and your beloved pet.

Exuding beauty and eluding the mainstream high street the discerning owner will certainly find their inspiration here.

Aristopaws aims to amalgamate the best of the best, an online solution for those who desire luxury and opulence.

Our philosophy is simple - animals enhance family life, their welfare is not secondary but equal to the people in the house in which they live. 

Aristopaws is not here to exploit animals as accessories but merely to provide a solution to their requirements and needs whilst correlating the interior design and demands of their owners.

Aristopaws has been featured in the following media: