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Designer Dog Clothes

Our range of dog clothes, suitable for puppies and small dogs through to larger breeds has been made for animals by animal lovers. Our principal ranges of Haute Puppy Couture Clothing and La Maison Vienna Canine Couture are exclusive to Aristopaws in the UK. Here you will find beautiful handmade dog coats, jumpers, hoodies, t-shirts, bath robes and for that extra special occasion why not a bespoke dress made from the finest fabrics and trims. If you can not find what you want in our designer dog clothing range then we will be able to get it made for you.

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Many dog owners, and indeed dogs, would be affronted at the thought of dog clothing, yet alone designer dog clothing believing that animals can adapt to any weather conditions. Yet, over recent years pets have been allowed to live in centrally heated houses, sleep in warm beds and generally enjoy the luxuries that humans do. Today, clothes for those hairless and shorthaired dogs have become a necessity, particularly during the cold season. Clothes for dogs not only preserve the health of your dog but also add to the enjoyment of the outdoors for the animal. It is important that they fit properly and do not hamper the ability of the dog to walk and play. Dog clothes should not be worn for long periods of time and should be removed or not applied if the dog shows signs of discomfort or anxiety.