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Cat Spa and Grooming

Our range of cat spa and grooming products are specifically designed for cats. Whilst cats are perceived as being completely independent most cats if groomed regularly will enjoy it. This not only helps to strengthen the bond between you but also ensures their coats stay in immaculate condition. Brushing assists in promoting natural oils in the coat, stimulates the circulation, improves muscle tone and minimizes hairballs in the stomach by removing loose hair. It additionally provides you with the opportunity to check for irregularities, which can alert you to signs of health problems.

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It is acknowledged that some cats detest water, that is why our collection of sprays and shampoos include waterless products that will avoid unnecessary anxiety whilst still achieving great results.

Two of the leading hairdressers for humans have produced formulas for cats made from natural ingredients that will not interfere with the natural PH balance of their skin, leave no residue and do not cause irritation.

With our range of spa and grooming products for cats you know that you are getting the best, made with only the finest ingredients.