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Luxury Cat Scratching Posts

Aristopaws' unique and stylish luxury cat scratching posts will have your cat purring with delight, fulfilling their natural desires of scratching, sleeping, watching and playing.

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If you want to protect your funiture from unwanted marks then it is imperative to invest in a hardwearing and durable surface. There are several reasons why cats scratch - to excercise, to keep their nails trim, territorial instinct and above all for sheer pleasure. Any furniture which is purchased must enable the animal to fully extend their bodies and be secure enough so as not to topple over. A scratching post should be positioned in an area used by the family and not hidden away. Ideally two-three should be available located in different rooms. This is more important if you have a house cat to prevent boredom.

Items such as the Quadre and Lamina have replaced the usual scratching posts. They met the cats needs whilst blending harmoniously into your surroundings. Each item is individually handmade to order of the finest natural hardwearing materials. Alternatively, if you prefer something completely unique the award winning custom made Rondo suffices. Innovative, stylish and above all functional.

Luxury cat scratching posts for the finicky feline in your life.