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Designer Dog Collars

A collar for all seasons - Aristopaws' beautiful range of designer dog collars caters for all breeds and sizes from puppies to extra large dogs.

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Due to the fact that many of our collars are bespoke if you are struggling to find a particular fit we can have it made for you. Collars may be used for control, identification, fashion or other purpose. Whatever you choose you must be sure to purchase the correct type and size for your breed. Just like no two pairs of jeans fit the same similarly no collar does either. It is worth taking the time to measure your dog in accordance with the guidance given by each manufacturer to ensure a proper fit.

Whether your preference is luxurious leather, with or without decorations, original tartan, corduroy famous prints such as the Liberty Print, rhinestones or genuine Swarovski crystal, we offer it all. A full spectrum of colours will ensure that neither your dog, nor you, ever get bored - perhaps orange, pink or blue for the summer interpersed with a more tonal brown, black or tan for the winter!

Our designer dog collars are as unique as the animals that wear them.