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Designer Dog Beds

For some style prevails over functionality but Aristopaws strives to disprove this theory by bringing a unique and exquisite collection of designer dog beds that both fulfil your dogs needs whilst simultaneously creating an inspiring living space.

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These beds are created by highly skilled craftsmen and artists who recognise aethestics and comfort. They are created by animal lovers for animal lovers.

Whether your preferred bed is chosen from our haute couture collection covered in exotic fabrics or more traditional such as our beautiful sofas or chairs there are styles and designs to suit all tastes, budgets and breeds.

Many of the beds are custom made so you can rest assured that you are receiving a unique piece of art, not a mass produced bed off a factory line, that will stand the test of time. Your pampered pooch can chose to recline on leather, sumptuous faux fur or luxurious velvet, or for the older ones a special orthopaedic bed. Alternatively, there is a choice of cushions and blankets.

Designer dog furniture and beds handcrafted to produce some of the finest dog beds in the world. The only question is which one will you choose!